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I’m curious about what you think. Yeah you. You’re the one reading this.


Just lovely.

This girl is pretty amazing. I’ve recently started following her blog and eyeing off stuff in her Etsy shop. She blogs so naturally, not editing out the bits of real life that happen along the way. Definitely a fan.

Another bunny image to amuse yourself with.

This site is amazing. It has so many crafty ideas that wouldn’t cost the world.

This Is Why You’re Fat

Why have I never thought of this?
Socks, tights and heels.

Not hard.

Edit: By the way, this is from The Clothes Horse by Rebecca.

Just some things I came across in my blog hunting.

The oreos one is definately my favourite.

I went shopping with my Mum yesterday for our weekly mother daughter bonding (since I’ve moved out of home). We were just trolling around one of our sort of local shopping centres and found some awesome bargains.

This peach cardie was $8!
It’s really soft and super gorgeous.

This dress is amazing.
It doesn’t look much here but it was made for me.
It clings in all the right places and is just fantabulous!

Last but certainly not least is this jacket.
3/4 sleeves and stretchy.
Mum bought this one for me.

Totally want this skirt right now.