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Cake pops. They seem to be all over the blogs and the pins and the tumbls. If you don’t know, they’re essentially cake that’s rolled into balls. The balls are impaled on a stick, then coated in icing, or frosting, or whatever you like to call it. I seem to be one of the few however, that find them repulsive. Sure the cute little designs that they come up with (see here and here and here) and the patterns and colours that they use look lovely, but I can’t help but see them for what they really are… squashed cake covered in a too-thick layer of icing.

I used to be a fan of rolling food into balls, I really did. I remember being at my Nanny and Pa’s house and rolling white bread into tight little balls and then dipping them into some sort of salmon dip. I also used to eat pate and apple slices at my other set of grandparent’s house, but that’s beside the point. The idea of squashing and kneading bread, or cake, into ball form just creeps me out. It makes me stomach do a little wiggle (in the bad way). I’m not biased against all ball-like foods. I made rice/sushi balls just the other night. I even enjoyed it! It’s just the idea of condensed cake that turns me right off.


I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment. My employment is oh so unfulfilling and I’m finding myself having a bit of a shit time whilst I’m at work.¬† So I’ve decided to become a bit more chatty on the blog-o-sphere. I’m on the internet most of the time anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disregarding my paid work, there’s just not enough to do.

So yes, let’s start with a trivial topic to get the ball rolling. Business men carrying plastic shopping bags to work. Seriously? You’re wearing a suit which means you have a job. Surely you can afford some sort of carrying device that doesn’t look so… I don’t know, crap. I understand that you don’t want to carry some huge bag to and from work on public transport, but there are bags that fold up into little pocket-sized squares and come with their own teeny tiny bag. Surely you could fit one of those into your pocket for the ride home. Or you could even leave it at work if it’s too much of an imposition. Just please, stop taking your Coles or Safeway bag. You’re making women, and possibly men, who join you on the train each morning cringe. Or maybe it’s just me.