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I follow this fashion blog called Selective Potential by Tieka and recently she featured a dress which originally belonged to Delightfully Tacky. She is amazing. Her fashion sense is so eclectic and her hair is just… *sigh* it’s gorgeous!


This is the Golden Half Camera- I think it’s a lomo one but I’m not sure.
It only half winds so that you get two shots next to one another, where usually you would only have one.
Sounds pretty sweet.

I cannot express how much love I feel for this.
It’s delightful!

Funny how different parts of the body come into fashion.
When I was alot younger it was show off the belly.
Now it’s draw attention to the waist.
I think I like the waist more.

New in my life at the present moment:

  • Think I may have stuffed up my phone interview. I was put on the spot regarding my long-term availability and I felt like I spent awhile saying “uhm” as I tried to quickly work out my options. I was asked to call back today, but had to leave a voicemail.
  • I actually won something on ebay (which I can’t really afford with my present lack of work, but still…)
  • I went to Southland shopping centre today and I swear, no one can dive. We were stopped for 5-10 minutes because people were waiting for spaces to free up. Then I got cut off because I was doing the right thing and waiting at the pedestrian crossing behind the queue up. THEN I was waiting at an intersection for a spot on the other side and a man took my spot because I pointed at it, which obviously meant to him ‘sure, go ahead take the spot I’m indicating at’.

So so so so so so so cute.

Bubbles are always so whimsical.
Always makes me think of people frolicking in pretty dresses.

Another example of those glasses I mentioned awhile ago.
She doesn’t look pretentious does she?

This is AMAZING.

He is just so happy.

I have a phone interview tomorrow.

Cross your fingers for me.