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I think it would be really sweet and kind quirky to blog outfit posts with a little guy on your shoulder each time. Also, novel scarf.

I went over to my friend’s new house yesterday for a hobobeque (a bbq made out of a gallon drum and sitting in a shopping trolley) and since she will be away for my birthday I was given my gift early.


She gave me a rebounded diary from Rebound Books. It’s a Little Golden Book that once belonged to someone that has been remade into a diary. Mine is about Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street, hehe.

So it’s got diary pages as well as the entire Little Golden Book bound together with heaps of space for writing notes or sticking photos or whatever takes your fancy.

I love it!

Somehow I’ve stubled upon some awesome craft (sewing mainly) blogs.

How cute is this little guy?

Crafty AND functional.


Eep two more old blogs…


I found an old blog.

I wasn’t actually that bad at writing.

After reading Dawn’s post with her littlies making owl clocks I decided I wanted to make my own. Whilst shopping for the clock itself, I saw these little pink cuties in Freedom (sorry about the terrible quality, I was trying to be super covert whilst a staff member had her back to me).

So after taking inspiration from the above, I ended up with my own curious owl clock. Tah dah!

Of course it looks better in real life. In the photo you can’t see the end of his nose, but there is a teeny tiny gap.

I want to make awesome owl clocks too Dawn!

Watching Becca’s video of things she did over the summer makes me want to film stuff.

From curve appeal. Reminds me that super skinny isn’t always best.