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I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment. My employment is oh so unfulfilling and I’m finding myself having a bit of a shit time whilst I’m at work.¬† So I’ve decided to become a bit more chatty on the blog-o-sphere. I’m on the internet most of the time anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disregarding my paid work, there’s just not enough to do.

So yes, let’s start with a trivial topic to get the ball rolling. Business men carrying plastic shopping bags to work. Seriously? You’re wearing a suit which means you have a job. Surely you can afford some sort of carrying device that doesn’t look so… I don’t know, crap. I understand that you don’t want to carry some huge bag to and from work on public transport, but there are bags that fold up into little pocket-sized squares and come with their own teeny tiny bag. Surely you could fit one of those into your pocket for the ride home. Or you could even leave it at work if it’s too much of an imposition. Just please, stop taking your Coles or Safeway bag. You’re making women, and possibly men, who join you on the train each morning cringe. Or maybe it’s just me.


Today is Billy’s 1st birthday. Happy birthday bunny, I love you.

I hope you enjoyed your strawberries, even though you tipped them out to play with the punnet.

I think it would be really sweet and kind quirky to blog outfit posts with a little guy on your shoulder each time. Also, novel scarf.

Every time we were in the supermarket recently my boyfriend kept a special eye out for the advent calendars (can anyone say child at heart?). I can’t see the point in buying a piece of cardboard with crummy windows holding not-so-great chocolate inside, so I decided to get my craft on and make him one myself. I realised I forgot to take a photo of the supplies needed, but you there was nothing very exotic in there. Supplies:

  • large piece of cardboard (mine was left over from a moving box)
  • toilet roll tubes
  • paint (I used white)
  • paintbrushes/rollers whatever you want
  • tape
  • wool/fabric/sequins/stickers (anything decorative really)
  • hot glue gun
  • wool/rope/string to hang the finished product

The first stage is to cut the cardboard to the shape you want. Make sure you check that there is enough room to fit all the cardboard tubes so that they’re not too cluttered.

The next step is to cover your cardboard backing. I decided to paint it white and to tidy the edges with up tape. I actually ran out of paint, so that’s why mine is a wishy washy colour. You could use fabric or wrapping paper or anything to cover the back. The tape I used was just stuff I had lying around the house. I think it might be electrical tape.

Then it’s on to the “pockets”. My original idea was to use matchboxes, but then I realised that buying 25 boxes of matches wouldn’t work out to be cost effective. The idea to use toilet roll tubes came to me since I’d been storing them after I made my floral wall hanging here and here.

I’d stored my tubes flat, so I chose to hot glue the bottom shut and to pop open the top. If still I had them as tubes, I was thinking about gluing some cardboard to the bottom.

I chose to wrap my pockets with left over wool, fabric and some lacy plastic I had from store bought flowers. I also decided to make the Christmas Day pocket extra special with sequins.

For the numbers I took the lazy route and used number stickers I already had laying around. Mine were in a pack from the stationery store Kikki K. I also decided to use the actual dates from 1st to 25th December rather than a count down, but you could do it either way.

Now we get to the exciting part, the make or break, of the project… laying it all out to see how it all fits together.

The final stage is of course to glue all the pockets to the back board and to then glue the string to the back to hang your masterpiece.

No, I lie. The final stage is to fill your pockets with goodies!

I went over to my friend’s new house yesterday for a hobobeque (a bbq made out of a gallon drum and sitting in a shopping trolley) and since she will be away for my birthday I was given my gift early.


She gave me a rebounded diary from Rebound Books. It’s a Little Golden Book that once belonged to someone that has been remade into a diary. Mine is about Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street, hehe.

So it’s got diary pages as well as the entire Little Golden Book bound together with heaps of space for writing notes or sticking photos or whatever takes your fancy.

I love it!

I think it’s time for a wishlist of sorts.

Hauk Boots by Blowfish shoes.
Wooden spoons.
Foil car sunshades (Kmart has cute coloured ones).
Any of the Sue Grafton Alphabet Series books.
Containers to store flour, sugar etc.
Plain unvarnished wooden beads.
A bolero cardigan.

I hacked off all my hair.

By ‘hacked’ I mean cut, and by ‘I’ I mean a hairdresser.

But still.

I want to chop the majority of my hair off.

This was my first granny square that actually achieved a square shape. I was so excited. It finally clicked, so I had to take a photo even though it was only half done (there was another round to go). Even after borrowing several books from the library and being loned another I still had no idea what was going on. I was sad. But somehow by the magic that is the internet, I just happened to be looking through a craft blog, Meet Me At Mikes, and it just happened to have posts (incl. videos) about crocheting granny squares for beginners. Yay!

I was thinking about starting to post things like recipes, favourites etc. but…

a) I don’t know if anyone who visits would be interested.

b) I take shit photos of food every single time! and what are recipes without photos of the process or at least the finished thing.