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Over the knee socks. Very. Hot.

I own a pair now. Black of course. Goes with everything.

Also can’t wait until my hair goes this blonde. Hopefully it won’t fizzle up before then.

Also, also I’ve come to realise that the whole blog thing is mainly me showing fashion pictures I like. Oh well.


Sometimes I feel like I’m that creepy person who is always staring at everyone. I look at someone and then my brain takes over and my mind is whirring with a thousand thoughts a minute until I snap back and realise I’ve been staring for a good 30 seconds or a minute. Maybe I should learn to close my eyes when I think. But that in turn would probably look just as strange. I hate public transport because I never know where to look. I’m interested in everyone that’s in the carriage, their clothes, what they’re doing, who they look like… but I don’t want to provoke the anger that can come with openly looking. Stupid curiosity.

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

Thinking about buying this vintage jumper.

Seems like it would be pretty snuggly. Just hoping it won’t be itchy. Or make me look pudgy.

P.S I didn’t buy it but I got a similar one from my work, only it’s blue.

I saw this on a blog and it made me want to watch the cartoon Alice in Wonderland so bad. I heard the new one isn’t anything flash. Suppose I should watch them both before I make a judgement. I probably won’t though.

I love how these rooms have so much feeling to them. I just want to crawl through the screen and into these worlds. Even for a little while.

Not happy with the end of Skins season 4. Not happy at all.

I am a little obsessed with checking lookbook at the moment. There are just some creative ideas about what’s fashionable and it’s not limited to just Australia. I’m getting some ideas about ‘dressing’ up my wardrobe a little instead of being being bored with my attire.

Dr Martens, tights, big t-shirt and beads. Really? It’s that easy?

And again. Boots, jeans, t-shirt and belt. Nothing special.

Boots. I think boots are a bit of a thing. Jeans, swishy t-shirt, cardie, scarf.

I wonder if she’s wearing bike shorts or just normal shorts?

Listening to the soothing music being composed in the other room. Feeling the flow and feeling creative. Wish I wasn’t a total dunce when it came to expelling the creativeness. Sometimes it turns out alright, but never exactly how I imagine. I’d love to take amazing photos just on a whim. Look at some of this stuff…

Ugh, amazing right?

I’m wanting winter to hurry up so I can wear cute snuggly things like this.

Also can someone please knit me that first jumper? Please, please, please?