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Hehe I made another GIF!


So I should probably say something about the activity that’s kept me pretty busy for the last 2 months… job hunting! Yes that’s right. I’ve had my brain frazzled from writing cover letter after cover letter, reading “the idea candidate will possess exceptional organisational skills…” etc etc and stressing over what to wear to attend job interviews where most often the organisation didn’t even have the common courtesy to let me know how my interview went. I hated it.

I had 7 face to face interviews and 1 phone interview. I went to two councils, a horse racing club, an event supplier, a catering company, an old age organisation and a conference coordination company. The only interview that I received proper feedback was from Manningham Council. Of course it was a job I really wanted and one that I just missed out on, apparently. But some of them were so odd, seriously. The last interview I went to insisted that I would have to tell my current boss that if and only if I got the job, I would have to start on the friday (that was in 3 days time). I uncomfortably did that and then heard NOTHING from the company. Bull.

My final phone interview was for a catering company (in name only, as it seems to have a hand in everything) and finally I was told on the spot that I was successful. It’s not a full time job, which is a bit of a bummer, but I’ve been told if I show promise/make it though the probation period as a food/bev waiter at functions that I can become a supervisor and then hopefully move from casual to full time.

I have a face to face meeting with them today, so fingers crossed they don’t change their mind.

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So I have new hair. New/old hair if you want to get technical.

I haven’t posted any fashion for awhile now. Nothing was really catching my eye. These however, are lovely.

Ok, I think I’m going to stalk her now…

New bells!!

They sound slightly deeper, which is a nice change.

I’m so glad to be jingling again.

I have a things for ferns and plants at the moment.

My favourties from the Holga.