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Undies special, hehe.
You’ve got to admire a lovely looking lady.


Cute loch ness cupcakes!

Fox made out of socks (probably)

I’m sick of my wardrobe, it’s so boring. I want to dress all cute and together like these lovely ladies.

In related news, Mum is helping me make clothes out of material that I was given. We’ve almost finished a dress made of this vintage-looking orange floral cotton material. Very excited to wear it.

I’m curious… who searched for my blog with “crazy colour room”?

Ebay loves.


I’m liking these, even though the second one is bordering on pretty skanky.

From The Clothes Horse.

I freakin’ love Skins.

It was the best/worst show to watch.

Fuck Naomi is hot.

And Effy is the epitome of cool (even though she’d totally fucked).

Mmm overlapping cups.


Maybe for Christmas or birthday (hint hint!)