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Too blonde?

What I’d really like to do is put a really light pink wash through hair this blonde. Not really practical though.


There seems to be a bit of a fashion trend about these ‘nerd’ glasses at the moment. I don’t know how I feel. Sometimes I think they look super cute, like on the girl above. Sometimes I think they just make an outfit that little bit cooler. But then sometimes they’re just a fashion trend being followed by the ‘cool’ sheep. Sometimes they’re a bit too try-hard. But still sometimes I’d like to try a pair, just to see.

I feel so proud. I wrote 1330 words of an essay.

Go me.

P.S I finished it (2500) the next day.

Sad face. I totally had all these images lined up to post and it went and deleted it. Oh well, round 2.

Ha. Love this from the breakfast club.

I should stop sooking about how much I want to take photos like this and just start doing it. Right now.

I still never got around to watching Alice in Wonderland. I really do want to.

I want my house to be filled with books and awesome knick knacks. I want a house full of culture and memories and warmth. And shelves. So many shelves.

TONY. Oh how I loved you in Skins.

I was thinking about uni and what I have to show for it. I’m doing a media course but all I seem to be learning about (that is vaguely useful) is sociology. Mainly feminism and social discourses. A bit scary when I’m thinking I’d like to get into events management. Sometimes my uni course worries me.

I want some new clothes. I’m bored with getting dressed in the morning.

Check out this collaborative assignment I did for uni. Very postmodern. It’s about identity and self portraiture.

Oh and some (alot) of the links are broken.

I want be as cool as these people.

Uhh. So cute. Here.

I love this type of art. Love it.