This photo reminds me, in somewhat of a tone, that I’ve been too lazy to scan in the photos from my first roll of film from my Holga camera. I’ve had them developed and some were better than others. It is a learning experience though, so I wasn’t too disappointed (especially since a couple turned out pretty damn awesome). I recently finished my second roll, which if my memory serves me correctly will be mostly of the ocean in Caloundra, Queensland. It’s just so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. I’m sure I can do something artistic with photo after photo of waves.

In other news, I’ve just returned from a week in… you guessed it Caloundra. Matty and I took our first ever proper trip with just the two of us. We’ve been away before but this was a tad different. We took a plane to get there, for starters. Our other “trips” have only been as far as Phillip Island, which is still lovely but just isn’t the same as venturing to Queensland. The second thing that made this trip something more was that we didn’t cook our own meals. When I went to Queensland with Matty and the boys (aka 6 of his mates), we cooked almost all of our own meals. This was in part because we spent our money on much more important activities, such as the theme parks. This time we spent our money on the food and enjoyed free activities.

The food was ah-mazing. The peninsula outside our hotel was full of restuarants, all of which served delicious meals. We ate out every night and treated ourselves to cocktails (which always makes dinner special). By day we walked along the boardwalk and frequented Kings Beach, the next beach along the coast. Our beach was underwater for the first three days due to the floods and Kings was nicer anyway. We did take a walk on the sand just to prove that we had in fact stepped foot on the beach which was literally 500m from the front of our hotel.

Possibly the best aspect of our trip (well for me anyway) besides getting a lovely tan, eating delicious food, frollicking in the ocean and having Matty all to myself… contain yourselves, it’s a big one… I purchased new bells! Yes it’s true. I insisted that we go to a market during our trip and it turned out that there was one in the main street of Happy Valley (the area of Caloundra that we ‘lived’). I love markets, but the underlying theme was that my old ‘bells on my wrist’ came from Queensland many moons ago. My old bells were from Bizzare Beads, or some store of the sort and had a silver chain of little balls which were intersected by a ring every so often and from the rings hung the spherical bells. The end of the chain detatched numerous times from the clasp and I dropped the bracelet a million times. I think I gave up wearing the bracelet for a number of years, or perhaps some of the chain broke off first, I don’t remember. I knew I loved them and had always wanted something similar, so after looking at them longlingly one day I realised that I didn’t need the end of the chain for the clasp to connect to. Eventually the chain itself broke in the middle and was beyond repair. I started a search for some new ones, easy you might think, but it turned out to be frustratingly hard. Ebay was of no help. Jewellery stores were also a dead end. I did find some on Etsy but the chain that they were on wasn’t really what I wanted. So Queensland, and possibly a market which sold more individual pieces, was my last option before having someone make me the damn thing.

So here I am, jingling again as I type (which is a very comforting sound, actually). My new bells are slightly different to the old with small loops soldered together and connected by a oblong link, but still feature the silver spherical bells (which was a must!). I was so happy I was bouncing around in front of the store owner, looking quite insane, but who cares… I have my bells back!