New in my life at the present moment:

  • Think I may have stuffed up my phone interview. I was put on the spot regarding my long-term availability and I felt like I spent awhile saying “uhm” as I tried to quickly work out my options. I was asked to call back today, but had to leave a voicemail.
  • I actually won something on ebay (which I can’t really afford with my present lack of work, but still…)
  • I went to Southland shopping centre today and I swear, no one can dive. We were stopped for 5-10 minutes because people were waiting for spaces to free up. Then I got cut off because I was doing the right thing and waiting at the pedestrian crossing behind the queue up. THEN I was waiting at an intersection for a spot on the other side and a man took my spot because I pointed at it, which obviously meant to him ‘sure, go ahead take the spot I’m indicating at’.