So I ended up having a really BIG clean up and searched through my wardrobe, as well as a box of things I’d put aside when we first moved in (about 8 months ago!)

Sorry about the terrible quality. The light is bad and I took these on my bed with my phone, but you get the idea.

Comment or contact me if you want to pur-chase one (or more) of these, or if you’re thinking about it but the price is too much.

American Apparel Bodysuit, size L. Fits more like a M I recon.
$40, I’ve worn it twice coz it doesn’t sit right.

Lola Brown Black and White Heels, size 37.
$5, these are pretty old (I wore them to my yr 11 AND 12 formal) and they have a gel cushion on the base.

RMK White Strappy Heels, size 7.
$10, these are also pretty old and a little squashed from storage, but still in pretty good condition.

Zuma Green Floral Heels, size 37.
$10, I got these from HK and they’re also a bit squashed.

Valleygirl Brown Heels, size 7.
$5, these are also squashed and have gel heel grips which can be removed if you want (they’re also really comfy)

Dotti Black Jeans, size 10.
$30, these are in great condition although I’ve been folding the bottoms up so you’d want to have a good iron to get the crease out.

Dotti 3/4 Sleeve Bird Jumper, size XS. Fits more like a M though.
$30, I wore it maybe twice. I really love this even though it’s pretty thin. Just doesn’t fit right though.

Girl Xpress Checkered Strapless Dress, size 12.
$10, I added some cream straps but they can be unpicked.

Just Jeans Leaf Patterned Dress, size 10.
$20, this is really nice. It’s lemon with a white pattern and its got a cotton underskirt to make it a bit more poofy.

Miss Shop Lace Singlet, size 8.

Venom Rainbow Silk Party Dress, size 8. Fits more like a 10.

Tightrope Black Lace Halter, size 10.
$15, It’s made of stretchy lacy which looks really nice.

Temt Yellow Short Shorts, size 10. Fits more like an 8.

Dotti Green Short Shorts, size 10. Fits more like a 9.
$5. SOLD.

Xception Charcol Overall Dress, size L.
$10, the material is nylon and is kind of stiff.

Target Slouchy Beanie.

Target White Collared Shirt, size 10.
$20, I wore this once.

Cotton On Blue Capped Sleeve Top, size S.
$15, you can’t really see but the material has the pattern with the tiny holes.

Just Jeans Skirt, size 10.
$25, I think i wore this once or twice. It’s really nice cotton fabric.

Valleygirl Mint Green Ruffly Dress, size 10. Fits a bit closer to a 12.

Valleygirl Brown Cropped Top, size M.
$15, It’s really nice but I could never find anything to go with it.

Inferno Ski Gloves, size S.
$20, I wore these once.

Grab Jeans, size 9. More like an 8 I recon.
$20, Now I’ve taken these up so they’re the right height on me (4″11) so you’d better be short or want cropped pants.

Expression Floral Top, size 10.
$10, it needs an iron.

Expression Yellow Striped Lace Singlet, size 10.
$10, the straps can be adjusted.

Expression Yellow Striped Tank.

Happy Shopping!